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Community Gallery

Picasso once said "Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life".  Dr. Gomez believes in the healing power of art and because of this, the center corridor is dedicated to original works of art. Curated by Paragon Art Collective, local and international artists will be featured and rotate on a regular basis so there is a continuous injection of unique artwork to admire and purchase.


Community Gallery 

Featured Artists

Healthspan's Community Gallery has had the pleasure of hosting artwork created by many different local artists. We have showcased designs by Amelia Currier, Liz Keblaitis, Birgit Huttemann-Holz, Linda Boyle, and Katie Bramlage. 

We believe that artwork is a window to the soul and a way to formulate a meaningful connection with others. Forming connections with others is absolutely key to maintaining overall health. We invite members of the community to visit Healthspan, enjoy a cup of coffee, and admire the wonderful works of art that adorn the walls in our Community Gallery. Visitors are welcome to appreciate the art, discuss with others, and have the opportunity to purchase art that speaks to them. 

Artists are invited to display and sell their works at the Healthspan Community Gallery. Paragon Art Collective sources and rotates the artwork every 6-8 weeks. To learn more about this process, please contact Mary Wysocki at Paragon Art Collective at

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