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Our Difference

The mainstream healthcare system focuses on sickness, diagnosis of disease and treatment plans that perpetuate the problem simply because the root cause is not properly addressed. We created Healthspan to help our clients learn and understand the root causes of their health issues. Led by a medical doctor and team of highly skilled professionals, we utilize advanced, state of the art testing to evaluate your health and find solutions and encourage a healthier, longer life.

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Our Approach

At Healthspan, we aim for healthier longer lives by creating an individualized plan that is sustainable and functional, focusing on movement, nutrition, stress management and connection with others. One size does not fit all, we are individuals with different responses and thus, we believe healthcare should be personalized. Our approach is to give you the tools to succeed on your own with guidance from our in-house programs and professionals.

Our Facility

Your environment impacts your mood which in turn can impact your health. We set out to create a beautiful, peaceful space where our guests can comfortably interact with our in-house professionals, take a class, enjoy a cup of tea and even admire art in our curated gallery space featuring works by local artists.

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