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At Healthspan, we aim for healthier longer lives by creating an individualized plan that is sustainable and functional, focusing on movement, nutrition, stress management and connection with others. One size does not fit all, we are individuals with different responses and thus, we believe healthcare should be personalized. Our approach is to give you the tools to succeed on your own with guidance from our in-house programs and professionals.


Our services are à la carte, choose the ones that fit your needs best or let us create a customized program for you! 



Nutritional Counseling

Meghan Pendleton, our in-house Registered Dietitian, provides cooking classes and nutrition counseling. See below for more information and pricing regarding Meghan's services.


Meghan is a Registered Dietitian who received her BS with Departmental Honors in Dietetics from Eastern Michigan University. Her own nutrition journey began as a child managing multiple food allergies. Having to be aware of how food impacts the body led to her interest in food's impact on other health conditions. As the prevalence of nutrition-related chronic diseases increases, optimized nutrition is essential for both preventing and treating many health conditions and improving quality of life. Meghan believes that nutrition needs are unique to every individual and that what you eat is just as important as why you eat. She blends together education and behavioral therapy to help clients set and achieve their health goals with a food-first approach, while also focusing on a positive mental relationship between food and body image. 


Massage Therapy

Mariah Passalacqua, our talented in-house masseuse, provides excellent service and has specialized in many different types of massage like relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, prenatal massage, stretching, cupping/ taping, and hot stones. She is available by appointment on Wednesdays for 60 min, 90 min, and 120 min. 


The Somadome Experience

Movement & Breathwork Courses

A seasoned teacher with 18+ years in the field, Cass is the founder of MIDLINE. In her work, Cass works with a diverse population of people from all backgrounds to help them find inner steadiness so they can flourish. In Cass’ class, you’ll find a principle-based and playful approach to breathwork and functional movement. She creates a safe space for people’s curiosity and strives to teach realistic ways that movement and breath awareness can be integrated into life. She has been a
certified Yoga teacher since 2003 and is registered 500 hours. Among her list of certifications, Cass most recently received her Breathwork Guide certification from Our Breath Collective in 2021 as a member of their inaugural teacher training.

Cass's classes are a fun and informational way to utilize breathwork to feel a sense of calm and grounding. You can find more about her work at and on Instagram @cassghiorse. To schedule classes with Cass, please call Healthspan. 

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